No matter what the Strategy, Execution is what matters

We help you define the fastest way to market whether you are adopting Sales led, Product led or a hybrid Go-to-Market Strategy.

We work with your Sales, Marketing, CS and Product teams to drive flawless execution driven by data and personal OKRs so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Aiming to become customer centric organisation? Add GTM channels?
Launch a new SaaS product? Scale faster? Keep reading.

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Ready to Scale
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Pivoting from Sales to Product led or Hybrid go to market motion

You are ready to scale. Faster

Most companies have pivoted to or added a product led motion and moved back to or at least considered going back to full sales cycle sales organisation to meet the buyers where they are and offer a buying experience in line with their needs.  You would like to achieve this for your org too but do not know where to start.

You have most likely noticed the shift in the desire to explore your product before making a buying decision with your customers and how your current set up is not fully delivering this experience.

The truth is, having a great sales team is not enough. And while a pure PLG motion might not be for your org, you understand that the combination of the two - a product led sales model could help you scale faster by enabling your buyers buy the way they want to buy and deliver the growth you are aiming for.

Ready to Lauch
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Launching a new SaaS Product

Launch of a new product is always exciting.

For a successful launch you will need a dedicated GTM Strategy that outlines : Positioning, ICPs and Buyer Personas, a Marketing Plan for demand generation and a detailed Customer Acquisition Process depending whether you are adopting sales led, product led or a hybrid go to market strategy.

Let us plan and execute your product launch by creating and leading a dedicated GTM team with clear direction and assigned OKRs for maximum results.


Deliverables: a clearly defined strategy document on how to take your products and services to the market with most successful outcomes and speed in line with your long term business goals whether you are adopting a sales, product or a hybrid go to market approach.

1.  GTM Strategy Outline
2.   GTM Execution Strategy

Deliverable: Leading your Go to Market efforts in line with Sales, Product or a Hybrid motion. Respectively guiding your Product, Marketing, Customer Success and Sales teams in the execution of the defined strategy.

Fractional CCO/CMO :

  • Hiring and Onboarding
  • Managing and Coaching
  • Assigning KPIs / OKRs
  • Delivering hands on leadership experience
  • Delivering revenue

Deliverable: Launching new SaaS Product

  • Define the Positioning
  • Define the GTM Strategy
  • Build a GTM team for the new launch
  • Lead the GTM team to successful launch of the product

Meet our Partners:

  • JUNE / KARLOVE - helps ESG-conscious companies create accessible websites and brand communication to harness new growth opportunities, strengthen the ESG score, and eliminate legal risks.
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Only SENIOR Top Level professionals will work on your business for a fraction of their market rate. They will dedicate the time needed to set you up for success.

Hire the right skill set for the stage you are in with immediate impact.

Improved customer experience by a min of 22%
Cut time to market by 48% ahead of your competitors
Improve team collaboration by 65%
Save 153% on hiring costs

Why NOW?

There are 4 main strategic mistakes business owners make:

Do not align the GTM Strategy to the long term Business Goals
Under estimate what it takes to pivot from SLG to PLG/PLS model
Hire wrong resources to meet the business needs depending on the stage it is in
Miss to enable the Product to acquire, expand and retain customers
"A year from now you may wish you had started today."
— Karen Lamb
Monika Holland,  BOLD Business Decisions founder, standing against a wall with laptop and smiling

Hi! I am Monika Holland

Senior Rev Growth Professional with 20+ years of experience. I have helped VC funded and organically growing organisations successfully take their SaaS products to market. I have opened new International markets and lead business expansion efforts in high growth environments while leading GTM teams.

I am very comfortable with SaaS business delivery model and most effective Go to Market motions.
I am a certified Executive Sales Coach.

In January 2020 I combined my Expertise in Sales & Marketing, Passion for technology and entrepreneurship per se and founded BOLD Business Decisions.

Why BOLD, you ask? Because success favours those who dare. BOLD is for entrepreneurs who take risks to create, innovate, serve and be served. Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat.

my full bio
I am on a Mission
I am on a mission to help SaaS companies successfully grow revenue by finding the fastest and most effective route to market, aligning their strategies to business goals, becoming more agile and scaling faster through a customer centric approach. When you win, I win.

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