SALES is #1 skill to master as a startup founder

BOLD is a Sales as a Service provider for Founders who strive to sell like Pros and are looking for systems, processes, advanced sales and marketing tactics to make their first 10mln in revenue and beyond

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Product Market Fit

Also known as "Building a plane while flying it" phase

As a Founder you are likely to be in Active Sales role that feels uncomfortable. You are using your network to acquire first paying customers. Your sales activities are spontaneous and inconsistent. You have tried hiring a junior sales person and a Lead Gen company with no groundbreaking results. Tired of experimenting.

BOLD will help you complete this phase faster by adding speed to market and extending your runaway.

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Growth Stage

SCALING your business is your #1 priority in this phase. Your main goals to achieve here are:

Aligning Go to Market (GTM) with corporate strategy
Hiring stage-specific sales leaders and team
Introducing a stage-specific sales process, framework and tools.

New customer acquisition, customer expansion, product expansion, geographic expansion, and channel development all offer the potential for greater revenue growth and profitability. BOLD will help you capitalize on the opportunity.


Deliverables: a clearly defined strategy on how to take your products and services to the market with most successful outcomes and speed.

1.  GTM Strategy Outline
2.   GTM Execution Strategy

Deliverable: Founder who sells, hires and raises funds like a PRO.
I will support you in acquiring your first paying customers faster.

Together we will :

  • Prospect (Omni- channel approach)
  • Qualify and Discover
  • Provide a recommendation
  • Ask for the business
  • Request a referral

Deliverable: Opening new markets : Europe / USA in a most cost effective way

  • International expansion strategy review
  • Sales and Marketing plan for new market validation
  • Business development in the new market
  • Acquiring new customers and proving traction in a new uncharted territory

Meet our Partners:

  • JUNE / KARLOVE - helps ESG-conscious companies create accessible websites and brand communication to harness new growth opportunities, strengthen the ESG score, and eliminate legal risks.
  • PoE Advisory - ​​access the world's​​top advisors​​. Take your start-up to the next level. Smarter and faster.
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Only SENIOR Top Level professionals will work on your business for a fraction of their market rate. They will dedicate the time needed to set you up for success.

Hire the right skill set for the stage you are in with immediate impact.

Add a min of 22% of revenues in the next 6-12 months
Cut time to market by 48% ahead of your competitors
Extend your runaway by 65%
Save 73% on hiring costs

Why NOW?

There are 4 main strategic mistakes founders make:

Do not align the GTM Strategy to the long term Business Strategy
Start scaling before achieving PMF
Hire juniors / Lead Gen Agencies in PMF stage with no results
Invest heavily into international expansion without market validation
"A year from now you may wish you had started today."
— Karen Lamb
Monika Holland,  BOLD Business Decisions founder, standing against a wall with laptop and smiling

Hi! I am Monika Holland

Senior Rev Growth Professional with 20+ years of experience. I have scaled VC funded and bootstrapped tech companies from ground 0 to 10 mil and beyond. I have opened new International markets and lead business expansion efforts. I am very comfortable with SaaS business delivery model. I am a certified Executive Sales Coach.

In January 2020 I combined my Expertise in Sales & Marketing, Passion for technology and entrepreneurship per se and founded BOLD Business Decisions.

Why BOLD, you ask? Because success favours those who dare. BOLD is for entrepreneurs who take risks to create, innovate, serve and be served. Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat.

my full bio
I am on a Mission
I am on a mission to see more startups survive PMF stage and sprint in between Seed and A+ rounds by enabling Founders master advanced Sales and Marketing tactics to create, capture and convert demand for their products and services locally and internationally.

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